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This year we have signed up for Fjällräven Classic in Northern Sweden – a 110 km hike (Kungsleden – also called King’s Trail) with about 2000 participants. We are going to be in group 7 which starts on August 9th at 09.00 am with over 200 group participants.

Fjällräven Classic

Some may wonder why to participate in such an event if you want to experience silence and nature in Swedish Lapland? Well, we are also interested to share experience with other hikers and after all there is so much space that we will most likely be able to spot a quite place away from the crowd. Beside our hike, we might also go 1 or 2 days packrafting before or after the event in this area.

Preparation for Fjällräven Cassic is quite simple compared to self organised trips as most of the transportation and food is arranged by the organizer and as we have already experienced Swedish Lapland (Sarek) in 2013 we know more or less what to expect from this hike.


Physically, we are also in good shape as Patrick is jogging at least 3-4 times a week and Konstantin is biking quite a lot beside our hiking and packrafting activities.

Transportation to Kiruna

At the moment we are trying to find an inexpensive way to get to Kiruna. Konstantin is most likely flying from Amsterdam to Stockholm and I will either take the boat or a plane from Turku to Stockholm. From there we will most likely take the train up to Kiruna. Of course, we still hope to get inexpensive flights to Kiruna but at the moment it doesn’t look promising. Maybe they will be available later on.

Gear list

We are already quite excited. Are you going to participate at Fjällräven Classic as well? Let us know!