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The Primus PowerLighter is a great option when you are looking for an alternative option than matches which can become wet or lighters which do not work when its very windy or are not refillable. I bought the Primus PowerLighter in red and have tested it a few times.

Primus PowerLighter Review

Burn Time

The burning time of the Primus PowerLighter when refilled is about 1 minute. Then you can either use a regular refill gas canister or the Primus adapter which you can attach to your camping gas canister. I found the second option quite handy as I don’t have to buy and carry anything in addition to the Primus PowerLighter and I have already a gas canister with me anyway. This saves space in my backpack and money.

Whats positive?

So what makes this lighter great? It has a temperature of 1300°C and can be used in bad weather. I also like the red color. It helps to find it in the camp site. Moreover, the Primus PowerLighter only weights 67 grams. While the filling adapter weights only 19 grams. Moreover, it’s also possible to operate the lighter while wearing gloves so it can be also used during winter time.

Whats negative?

The burning time is a bit low. After using it for 1 minute the Primus PowerLighter was empty. This could cause an issue if you try to lit on fire wood which is wet and where you might need several attempts to get the fire started.

Where to use?

I could see the Primus PowerLighter as my standard lighter which I would carry with me on every trip. It’s light and easily recharges with my gas canister and if I would go on a day trip I would not even take a gas canister with me at all. One minute burn time with one full gas filling should be sufficient to lit a few fires on a day or weekend trip. It’s probably more important to find dry fire wood to get the fire instantly burning to reduce the amount of gas needed to get the fire started.

Beside having the Primus PowerLighter with me on regular trips my main reason to buy this lighter was to use it in more demanding situations e.g. a winter trip or on a day where it is very windy.


The Primus PowerLighter is nice to hold in your hand. The rubbery material feels like its difficult to slip out of your hand. The hand strap is stretchable and feels comfortable on the skin. In general the lighter gives a solid impression.


The Primus PowerLighter is a bit more expensive than regular matches or lighters. However, the quality and the option to recharge the lighter with your own gas canister makes it a solid choice to carry around in your backpack especially if you want to be on the safe side when the weather forecast is mixed or bad. So far I did not regret to purchase the Primus PowerLighter.