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Having used my Sony A7 for over 1 year I am planning to get better sound on my Videos once I get my new camera. The onboard microphone is more or less useless when filming in a windy place and in general, you get better audio with an external microphone. Here you can also find an example with the Sound Devices MixPre-3.

MixPre-3 MK II and Audio-Technica BP4025

First of all, it was important to know which type of microphone I would need. The Zoom H5 comes with an X/Y microphone which seems to be a good microphone to record the environment but also towards a certain direction. I will also get the APH-5 extension pack for the Zoom H5 next week which comes with a windshield and remote control.

You could also buy the new Zoom H4n Pro if you are on a budget but I prefer the Zoom H5 since you can detach the X/Y microphone if you don’t need it. Also, the level control on the front is much nice on the H5. For a more focused recording (e.g. if you want to record a bird in the distance), a shotgun microphone would be even better and I might consider buying a Sennheiser MKE 600 in the future as well.

Update: I have now purchased theSound Devices MixPre-3 MK II and love it!

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