Repovesi National Park is Southern Finland’s most popular hiking destination and you can get there by public transport within 2 hours from Helsinki. The National Park offers plenty of lakes and hills. There are campsites and shelters and it is located nearby the city of Kouvola and accessible by public transportation. We didn’t enter the National Park from the official entrances since we traveled a bit to far and hiked all the way back to the Repovesi National Park. We have visited the National Park twice so you will find pictures of both visits in this blog post.

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The Olhavanvuori Rock is 50 m high and glows on sunny days in different colors. It has prehistoric rock paintings and is perfect for climbers.

Hiking in Repovesi National Park

From Mustalamminvuori we had a great scenic view over the National Park. Of course, we had to climb up this observation tower in Mustavuori in order to enjoy the scenery. Then we also walked over the hanging bridge Katajavuori over Lapinsalmi and the awesome view we got from the hanging bridge.

With the fox ferry, we pulled ourselves to the other side of the lake. The Kuutinkanava Canal which was built in 1912 to float logs is 270 m long. Navigation in the Repovesi National Park is quite easy since trails are marked.

This well provided fresh water and was a welcome alternative to our water which we filtered from the river.

There are also plenty of Lavus in Repovesi. We had a break at this one before we left the National Park.

In my opinion, Repovesi National Park is more enjoyable than Nuuksio and it is less crowded too. On the way back to Kouvola we hitchhiked and someone picked us up just after 10 minutes standing on the road. Repovesi National Park is definitely worth a visit.

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