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I came up first time with the idea of Retkipaikka blog about five years ago. It took three years to start it, but finally in February 2012 it was running. First it was supposed to be a place to share the hints of interesting places in nature I went, but pretty soon my brother and cousin joined the team.

Nowadays we are the leading outdoor blog in Finland and probably also in Scandinavia. Team has grown and now we have 28 fantastic bloggers with wide range of background from archeologist to speleologist, communications professionals, forest economy engineers, journalists and photographers.

Our goal is to represent interesting, unusual places in the Finnish nature: caves, pot holes, water fells, extra ordinary rocks, churches, places with interesting stories, rock paintings and so on. Besides that also small details from nature, the feeling of special moments ect. High quality images has major role in our posts.

Currently we write only in Finnish, but we have some plans to launch also another blog in English.