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Robens shows us their award winning Couloir 750 sleeping bag at the OutDoor Show 2017 in Friedrichshafen.

Konstantin: Hi this is Konstantin from HikeVentures and I’ve got Walter from Robert’s. Walta, would you say something about this sleeping bag, that you’ve presented.

Walta: Yes, we’re very proud to have won an outdoor award for this sleeping bag. It’s called the Couloir 750. And 750 is the amount of duck down, grams of duck down, that’s in the bag. So it’s a good three season bag. It’s a mummy shape technical bag like you can see the zip in center of the bag. So the lining is really comfortable, double protection.

Konstantin: Buff.

Walta: Buff here to keep warm, and you can zip from below as well, get your feets out in case it gets really warm. The industry judges really thought that this was really nice with the collar inside here and also here in the back, really keeps you tucked into the bag and then we have some nice draw cords here to get the hood really around so you. So once you are in the bag you are really protected from the cold. And options of ventilation. Very soft and comfortable.

Konstantin: So you use hydrophobic down?

Walta: Yep.

Konstantin: And I notice that it’s very easy to open and close it, I mean it doesn’t snag at all.

Walta: No.

Konstantin: On both sides. And they also come in different weights as well?

Walta: It comes in four different weights, this is 750 and then there’s 1000 that has a 1000 grams and it’s a good four season, and then we have one that’s 500 grams and 250 grams. So you can get it for summer use…

Konstantin: One season, two seasons…

Walta: Yeah.