Last weekend I visited Ruuhilampi – a lake which is located nearby Karkkila – a one hour drive by car from Helsinki.


Since I have visited already all the national parks nearby Helsinki it is getting now more challenging to find new places outside of the national parks since they are mostly described in Finnish. Most recently, I am doing most of the trips with Joni from as he always finds some interesting spots which we are recently visiting.

One challenge in Ruuhilampi is also to find a parking spot. We parked our cars at a natural roundabout on Ruuhilammentie where we also found the trail towards Ruuhilampi. With about 2 km the hike to the lookout point was actually quite short but it’s a good idea to arrive before it’s getting dark to explore the area around the campsite a bit.


At the lookout point, there was no firewood so we collected some branches from the ground and used my Bushbox stove to burn them and to prepare hot water. Meanwhile, the sky cleared up, and I slept under the open sky. I had a tarp with me but there is no point to use a tarp if it is anyway not going to rain.

I and Joni still had some campfire discussion before we went to bed and I also tried to be creative with my camera and to take a few night shots.

The next day I woke up around 6 am and continued photographing the awakening nature. There was some mist on the river and once Joni woke up we walked to the nearby “canyon” which also seemed to be a popular climbing spot where we also found firewood and artificial fireplaces. The place seems to be serviced by the local Suomen Latu (a Finnish association promoting outdoor activities) branch after Joni talked to a local person who had a cabin at the lake.

We took a different route back to the cars and at some point, I lost Joni and we hiked two different trails. Even though Joni was faster back at the car, I could spot a grey owl that was flying towards me once it saw me. This was the first time I saw such an owl in the wild since I live in Finland. 

There seems to be also a bear’s cave in Ruuhilampi but the location has not been published anywhere.

To conclude, the lookout point at Ruuhilampi is worth to visit, and also staying there overnight is great. Just keep in mind that there is no fireplace so you need to bring a hobo or a gas stove with you.

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