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For our packrafting trips, we are more or less always wearing our dry suites which we combine with latex socks.

As you can probably imagine just wearing latex socks would be quite chilly to paddle with especially during the colder months.

So how do we keep our feet warm? It’s all about layering and the Sea to Summit Ultra Flex Booties* as an outer shell might help as well.

The booties are probably also a good choice for those who are into Kayaking or Stand up paddling.

We usually combine the latex socks with several merino socks layers (2-3) under it. Moreover, a neoprene shoe like the Sea to Summit Ultra Flex Booties can also help to keep your feet warm the same way as divers are wearing neoprene suits to keep their bodies warm.

The Sea to Summit Ultra Flex Booties also helps to protect your feet when walking in the river. We also found them more packable than our Teva Sandals which we used before. An advantage of the Teva Sandals is, however, that they do not soak water like neoprene.

Another advantage of the Sea to Summit Ultra Flex Booties is that they are also less pricey than the Teva Sandals.

As the Sea to Summit booties do also completely enclose your feet you will probably have fewer chances to lose your shoes while walking in the river as velcro tape alone may not be a safe choice to keep your sandals or shoes attached especially if velcro gets dirty.

Finally, you should also consider having shoes or sandals which are not slippery when walking on rocks and both shoes – the Sea to Summit and the Teva – made a good impression.

We will continue testing the Sea to Summit Ultra Flex Booties this year to see how durable they are.

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