This time we went for an adventure to the Seitseminen National Park. Unfortunately, the public transportation to the park is quite bad so if you are planning to come by train you have to get off at Parkano and walk for approximately 20 km to the park. Also, make sure to protect yourself against mosquitoes since there are plenty of them in the park during the warm months.

Hiking in Seitseminen

The park is quite suitable for shorter hikes but can be extended by visiting the neighboring Helvetinjärvi National Park. Facilities in the Seitseminen National Park are quite good and there are plenty of wells and shelters where you can stay overnight.

If you like mushrooms, make sure to keep your eyes open. You can collect them on the way and prepare a nice dinner later on in the camp.

We entered the Park via the Seitseminen Nature Centre where we got maps and snacks as well as internet access. After having refreshed ourselves in the Visitor Centre we started walking towards the Kovero Crown Tenant Farm.

The Kovero Crown Tenant Farm has been renovated and looks the same as in the 1930s.

We also found a well here to refill our bottles with water. Then we continued our hike to Saari-Soljanen, where we got the possibility to lit a fire inside a hut.

At Saari-Soljanen we also found signs explaining the nature in the Seitseminen.

As a camping spot, we followed the path to Kirkas-Soljanen which is located 1-2 km away from Saari-Soljanen. Here we pitched our tent, had a swim in the lake and lit a fire.

After having had a good sleep in the tent and a morning swim in the lake we prepared breakfast, got our backpack ready and continued our hike to Mylly, Honkaniemi, Iso-Kivijärvi and then back to the Visitor Centre.

This place is called Mylly (or mill in English)


There are several trails in the Seitseminen National Park:

  • Trail Jäätikköpolku – 1.5 km
  • Multiharju Old-Growth Forest Trail – 2 km
  • Soljanen Mire Trail, roughly – 2 km
  • Runokangas – 2 km
  • Harjukierros – 6 km
  • Kimetsäkierros – 7 km
  • Pitkäjärvenkierros – 17 km

To sum up, Seitseminen is quite a relaxing place for a weekend trip where you can discover plenty of interesting spots. It’s located nearby Tampere and easy to reach if you are living in Southern Finland.

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