Kalmar is an old town on the southeastern shore of Sweden and worth for a sightseeing trip. Kalmar is the city where the Kalmar Union was founded, which unified the Scandinavian nations from 1397 till 1534 in order to counter the Hanseatic League. The Kalmar Union was founded by Queen Margareta.

Kalmar Castle Sweden

Kalmar Castle Sightseeing Kalmar Castle is 800 years old. We also paddled with our packrafts around the castle. Kalmar Castle Sightseeing Kalmar Castle Sightseeing anchor
Kalmar Castle entrance gate bridge The main gate of the castle Kalmar Castle Sightseeing towers canons The castle is sourrounded by four towers which have been added later on in the 13th century to the fortification Kalmar Castle entrance gate
Kalmar Castle Sightseeing courtyard The castle courtyard. .Kalmar Castle Cathedral Church Sweden
The Kalmar Castle Church from 1592 Kalmar Castle canon
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View from the Castle towards the Baltic Sea Kalmar Castle Sightseeing weapong Some reconstructed medieval weapons were also displayed Kalmar Cathedral sightseeing tourism travel visit Calmar Cathedral built from 1660 till 1703. Kalmar Cathedral sightseeing tourism travel visit> Kalmar Cathedral sightseeing tourism travel visit> Kalmar Läns Museum Also worth to visit is the Kalmar Läns Museum which exhibits remainings of the Kronan Stora – the flag ship of Sweden which capsized in 1676 with over 800 people on board. Kalmar Sweden The Old Water Tower is also a landmark in Kalmar. Kalmar is definitely worth a visit. It’s not a really big town but the castle and the Läns Museum are definitely worth to see. If you have time, you can also take a bus to Eketorp which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.