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Today, I would like to share my current workflow using the Sony a7 III, Samsung T5, LumaFusion, and iPad Pro. Whenever I buy a new iPad Pro or MacBook, I also look at what accessories would be available to improve my photography workflow.

I bought my Sony a7III a few months ago as I wanted to have a full-frame camera. The Sony a7III is a real jump from my old A7 camera in terms of performance but still the best option if you are also interested in taking videos. There is also the more expensive Sony a7R VI which should give you more flexibility if you would like to crop pictures later on.

My lens collection consists of the Sony 24mm f/1.4 which I use to take landscape pictures and videos and the Sony 100-400mm f/4.5 which I like to take with me to Lapland or to the sea.

My Sony a7 III, iPad Pro, Samsung T5/T7, Lumafusion, YouTube workflow

Recently, I started working with LumaFusion on my iPad and I quite like it. There are a few things which I am missing compared to Final Cut Pro such as there is no possibility to sync audio automatically but in general I am quite happy with it.

Currently, I am copying my files from my SD card (I am using a Sony with 300mb/s read/write speed) to my iPad where I work with my files. The copying process is a bit awkward, as I have to send the video files through WiFi to my iPad Pro using the Sony iOS Imaging Edge Software as my iPad seems not to be able to recognize my XAVC S 4K files. So there is actually no need to have a super-fast SD card for this step of the workflow.

Once I have created a video in LumaFusion on my iPad Pro, I am transferring my files from my iPad Pro to my Samsung T5 SSD drive and remove the files from my iPad Pro. I really like that I am now able to connect an SSD drive to my iPad, which was not possible in previous iOS versions and the read/write speed to an SSD is around 450 MB/sec which feels almost as fast as working directly with the files on the iPad.

I still need to get a USB hub so I can copy files between hard drives to make backups of my files. Currently, I am interested in a HyperDrive hub which has been designed for iPad Pros but I have still not made a final decision.

Once I am done with editing my videos, I am cleaning the cache of LumaFusion as it saves quite a lot of space on my iPad Pro.

I might also get a new 4K screen for my iPad in the future so I can see more details but at the moment I am quite happy with what I can do with the iPad Pro.

Finally, I also upload videos to YouTube through the Lumafusion app. I realized that you need to export the video from Lumafusion straight to YouTube if the video is quite long as the upload process might stop after a certain time even if you keep your iPad unlocked.