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I own a Sony a7 III* and having a proper remote control to operate the camera from the distance is one of the most important features for me especially if I am traveling alone. You can find some of my pictures on my Instagram account. Currently, there are 3 options available which I have tested and which can be used also for other Sony camera models such as a7R IV, a6100, a6400, a6600, a9 II, a7C and the a7S III:

Before you can actually use any of the remote controls with a Sony Alpha camera you have to change the remote control setting on your camera (does not apply to the Sony app).


The Sony RMT-P1BT is the latest remote control which I have bought for my Sony a7 III. It has quite many advantages over the other two option except that it does not offer that many features as the Sony Imaging Edge App:

  • Quickly connects through Bluetooth
  • Proper buttons which can also be operated when wearing gloves
  • Plastic construction but doesn’t feel cheap
  • Offers more features than the cheaper branded remote control
  • Powered by a battery (CR2023)
  • Fewer functions than the Sony Imaging Edge app
  • Focus mode only works when the camera is set to manual mode and the lens to AF mode
  • Zoom mode only works with Power Zoom lenses from Sony
  • Functions of two buttons can be assigned through the camera menu
  • Quite expensive

You can buy the Sony RMT-P1BT on Amazon*.

Here is also a video where I talk about the Sony RMT-P1BT:

YouTube video

Branded Remote Control for Sony

If you are looking for a dedicated inexpensive remote control just with a basic shutter function to take some pictures then you might consider this remote control* which has been developed by a third party company and branded under different names. The remote control is quite handy if you want to use the bulb function of the camera in manual mode. The shutter opens once you push the S-button and closes once you push the S-button again. It doesn’t have the quality feeling in your hand as the Sony RMT-P1BT but it does it’s job for a much lower price than the Sony remote control.

You can buy this remote control on Amazon*.

Inexpensive Remote control for Sony a7 III, a9 II, a6500 or a7R IV

Sony Imaging Edge app

The Sony Imaging Edge app is available for iOs and Android and offers the most functionalities compared to the remote controls.

  • Transfer of pictures from the camera to the mobile phone
  • Transfer of videos to your mobile phone. However, it never worked for me (probably I am using the wrong video format)
  • Remote control with plenty of functions
  • Free to download
  • View and transfer images from your mobile phone when the camera is turned off
  • Record location information to your camera
  • Receive notifications on software updates
  • It takes much longer to connect the app to the phone compared to a dedicated remote control

You can download the Sony Imaging Edge app here.


My favorite remote control for my Sony a7 III is the Sony RMT-P1BT* as it offers just the right balance on what I look for in a remote control and has good built quality. Furthermore, it also connects quickly with my camera which is one of the most important features when using a remote control. At least I would think twice if I would use a remote control if it always takes ages to connect it first with your camera.

You can find an overview of all my camera gear here.

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