Two weeks ago, I visited the Suomen Joutsen at Forum Marinum – the maritime museum in Turku to find out more about Finland’s sailing ship which had been in duty as a school ship for the Finnish navy in the 20th century after Finland became independent. The Suomen Joutsen was originally built 1902 in France and was handed over to Germany in 1922 and to Finland in 1930. The ship had 3 names – Laënnec, Oldenburg and Suomen Joutsen.

Visiting the museumship Suomen Joutsen in Turku

On deck of the Suomen Joutsen I was also able to see the castle of Turku in the background. The ship bell of the Suomen Joutsen were used to indicate the time on board but also for safety reasons and to welcome guest or officers on board. The crew had to sleep in hammocks and there was a machine which helped to get the Anker back on board. Below you can see the compass which the captain used to determine the direction of the ship.

I have paid around 6 EUR entrance fee to visit the Suomen Joutsen. I would say the visit was quite worth the money. There are also 2 people employed to maintain the Suomen Joutsen. There has been not many modifications to the boat and as far as I understood the boat would need several modifications in order to make it ready for sailing to meet the current technological requirements which would change the ship from it’s original appearance quite significantly.

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