I have been a few times to Teijo National Park for hiking but also for attending the Finnish Packrafting Meetup in 2018 which took place over three days. The Teijo National Park is still a young National Park and has been founded in 2015, has about 79.000 visitors per year, covers an area of 34 km2 and has 50 km2 of marked trails. Teijo National Park has a lot of variety like lakes, marshes, forests, marshes and a sea bay. The marked trails are easy to hike. Teijo National Park is suitable for those who don’t have much hiking experience.

Since I was living in Turku for over 4 years it was one of the closest National Parks which I could visit from there. The National Park is quite interesting as it is also possible to reach the sea but also had a nice island with a Laavu on it where we camped on.

Hiking and Packrafting in Teijo National Park

We parked our cars nearby the Hamarijärvi lake, inflated our packrafts and paddled to our first campsite. From there we paddled the next day to the other side of the lake where we hiked to the Sahajärvi lake.

At Sahajärvi we had lunch at Kalasuntti and then paddled further to Kaniholma where we pitched our tents and visited with our packrafts the nearby brewery in a village called Matilda which was just a few hundred meters away.

At the brewery, we enjoyed delicious sandwiches, ciders, and pastries and some of us took a few bottles of beer back to the camp.We also met some Alpacas in the village and we thought it would be a good idea to take some pictures of the Alpacas with our Alpacka Rafts. The next day we paddled again to Matilda and carried our packrafts a few hundred meters to the sea (Hummelfjärden).

From there we paddled a few kilometers until we reached a fireplace where we had our last lunch. Janne took a group picture of us, showed us new ways of taking selfies and we enjoyed his fantastic cheesecake.

Finally, we paddled another few kilometers back to the place where we parked our car (it was just a short hike from the sea to the car parking).

The meetups in Finland are organized in the Packrafting Finland Facebook group. So just join this group if you want to participate in one of the meetups in the future.

My first visit to Teijo National Park

I parked my car near the nature center at Matildanjärvi. The nature center offers plenty of information about the national park and you can also get a free copy of a map. There was also an information board near the nature center where I parked my car.

I hiked along the trail along Matildanjärvi. On the trail are several fireplaces and lean-to shelters. I passed by at Kavanderinlahti – where a group of girls had prepared their camp for the night – and Roosinniemi before leaving Matildanjärvi.

While hiking, I decided to add Puolakkajärvi to my trip as well – the next nearby located lake to Matildanjärvi.

Puolakkajärvi is partly located outside of the Teijo National Park which is ok to hike but nothing special until you reach the Endal lean-to shelter.

From Endal, I continued walking to Teerisaari, Vicksbäckinlahti and then back to Matildanjärvi where Isoholma was the last lean-to shelter on the way back to my starting point. However, the trail outside of the National Park nearby Puolakkajärvi was not that spectacular.

Teijo National Park is a great place to escape to nature, it’s close to Turku and offers plenty of facilities. I will probably come back here in a few months during the winter to try out some winter camping.

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