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Thermarest shows us the Camper Duo, SV Xtherm, Max Xtherm, XLite Max, ProLite Plus at the OutDoor Show 2017 in Friedrichshafen.

Konstantin: Fine. This is Konstantin from Hike Ventures and I’ve got Doug from Therm-A-Rest. Can you tell us something about the new products that you’re bringing to the market?

Doug: Yes, I would love to. We have several brand new products for 2018, starting off with the Camper Duo right here. This is a two-person luxury sleeping system mattress that has independent adjustment for each user on each side.

So if you like your comfort more firm, you can have it firm. If your partner wants a softer set up, they can have it softer.

The other benefit, of course, is during the night if you are rolling around, you’re not tossing your partner because the pressure is changing from you moving or if you get up, they don’t go flat, so the dual chamber aspect and the single top layer that eliminates the valleys is really optimal for couples sleeping.

The other benefit, of course, with the NeoAir technology is it’s very stable, and yet this all packs up into a very packable bag rather than having big, bulky things that you have to store in the car or whatever, so I really think this is a great two-person system.

We have actually sheets and sleeping bags that mate with it, so it’s a complete sleeping system that you can have from Therm-a-rest.

Konstantin: This is actually very nice. Judging by the loft, it’s really thick as well.

Doug: Yeah.

Konstantin: It’s in a way a luxury item, which packs very small.

Doug: A luxury items that packs very small and combined with the sheets and the other sleeping bags, it’s really a great sleep system for two people.

Konstantin: How wide is it? What kind of tent would it fit? Would it fit in your Pop-up, or is it a little bit too big?

Doug: It should actually fit in a general two-man tent. The width is right about 120 centimeters, so a two-person tent generally should allow that, so for sure, and in our bigger tents you can actually get two or three of them in a family camping tent.

Konstantin: So you can have basically matted floor in the whole tent.

Doug: Exactly.

Konstantin: Sort of Japanese tatami style.

Doug: Yes. Or the back of your car.

Konstantin: In the back of your car?

Doug: SUV. I used one in the back of my truck. It’s a great product to have back there, and you can sleep in the back of a vehicle, too. Lots of versatility.

Konstantin: It’s quiet as well.

Doug: Yes. Quiet, stable, it really ticks most of the boxes. And full coverage, so, part of it, you want room to roll around and so forth. Pretty excited, the Neo-Air camper for 2018.

In addition, we have three other mattresses we’re introducing. All in our SV line. The new SV Xtherm mats, that’s the speed valve feature. We’re adding to the Max Xtherm, this is a mattress for extreme temperatures.

It has a very high R value. Yet packs really tiny. And then the speed valve makes the inflation and deflation really easy and effortless. With the patented automatic speed valve. Only Therm-A-Rest has the automatic reversing feature in this kind of the design. The whole deflation of the mattress is effortless.

Konstantin: And it takes also just a few moments to inflate it.

Doug: Yes. To inflate it all you do is reverse the valve and … I’ll get over here … So this uses Bernoulli’s principle, which has been around for 500 years. And it takes a low pressure air … a high pressure air, and draws in the low pressure air.

Konstantin: Five breaths and it’s full.

Doug: Five breaths.

Konstantin: What I understand, the advantage of it is that, because you do not breathe …

Doug: Hot air …

Konstantin: The hot air from the lungs, which is also moist, the sleeping bag will last also a lot longer.

Doug: It lasts a lot longer and in controlled temperatures, air tends to condense. So if you put in hot air, it will feel like you have a leak at night. The reality is, it’s just the air condensing.

So drawing in the external air in cold conditions is really a benefit. You don’t have to get up and inflate it further in the middle of the night.

Konstantin: And it’s … you still have the valve on the side.

Doug: Correct, and that’s for …

Konstantin: The traditional one.

Doug: That’s for individual pressure adjustment when you’re lying on the mattress. So we all have this tendency to inflate it very firm, like I did here, but the most comfort is to actually let out a little bit of air for most of us.

Konstantin: Definitely works for me because I would like to have a little bit of a lower shoulders and the back.

Doug: And that’s what you want to do when you’re lying on the actual mattress.

Konstantin: It’s fine tuning, basically.

Doug: Yup. Individual adjustment. Nice feature to have. So we’ve also added that speed valve technology to our XLite mattress. This is our lightest air mattress we make, our XLite series.

This is the XLite Max, it comes with the speed valve and it has also the full coverage max size. You get all the benefits of the speed valve in one of the lightest mattresses we make. Great for backpacking, trekking, wherever you need to take it. Or even travel.

Konstantin: You say light. How light is it? About 400 something grams, or …

Doug: Yeah. So it’s right about 460 grams I believe, for the speed valve version. The regular version is 360, I believe.

Konstantin: So it’s about 70 grams extra but …

Doug: Yeah, it’s a little bit extra weight, but it’s way more convenient and way faster to inflate, deflate.
And then finally, we have a brand new design of a print, a mountain sunset scene, in one of our most popular mattresses.

This is a ProLite Plus, it’s been around for about 15 years, the ProLite series, it’s probably one of the top selling mattresses of all time from Therm-A-Rest. We have this limited edition beautiful mountain sunset, for people that want something a little more interesting to look at on their mattress.

Konstantin: Especially if I … people like I live in the Netherlands, and it’s quite flat. It’s always cloudy, you know, you stay inside a lot and you basically have the sunset.

Doug: Yeah, if you want to go look at some mountains, you can look at your Therm-A-Rest. We bring mountains to you.