After having used my Sony a7 III for a year, I would say that I had quite a lot of fun with it. However, there were a few aspects that could be improved from my point of view and where I would tend more towards the Sony a9 II.

What I disliked on the Sony a7 III compared to the Sony A9 II:

  • Speed! The Sony a9 II can take much more pictures in a row than the Sony a7 III.
  • Image size is much bigger which could be perfect for shooting birds or landscape and crop it later on the PC.
  • The LCD screen has a better resolution.
  • Thre is a LAN terminal and flash sync port to transfer pictures.

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I have previously owned the Sony a7r and sold it to get the Sony a7 III. I do mainly Landscape and video with my camera so the a7 III is actually perfect for me. I don’t need a LAN terminal or flash sync port which comes with the Sony a9 II, nor do I need a bigger memory buffer nor would I pay for a better LCD screen. However, more MP could be useful occasionally, especially if I shoot landscapes or objects in the far distance. However, I recently bought the Sony 100-400 mm lens and I like it much more than my Sony 70-200 mm f4 and I wouldn’t go back to it even if it let’s more light through. Since I shoot outdoors, I don’t really need Sony 70-200 mm f2.8 on that lens.

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