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After having used my Sony A7r for a year, I would say that I had quite a lot of fun with it. However, there were a few aspects which could be improved from my point of view and the rumored Sony A9 reinforced me in my decision in selling my Sony A7r.

Sony A7r LCD display

What I disliked on the Sony A7r:

  • Slow AF (however I am most likely switching to one of the new Loxia Lenses as you can also read in my other post)
  • No 4K recording possibilities
  • Not weather sealed (very important for me!!!)
  • The lens mount on the A7r can be wobbly for big lenses (not tried it myself as I don’t have a big lens yet)

For those reasons I have sold my A7r this week together with the 35mm F2.8 Sony lens and it is most likely that the camera price for the A7r will drop in the coming months or even weeks. Already now there are plenty of Sony A7r bundle deals available which costs considerably less than a couple of months ago. So for now I have to stick with my old iPhone to take pictures until the new rumored A9 will come out early 2015. However, for those who don’t need the latest tech, the A7r is definitely capable of taking great pictures.

Specifications of the A9 are not quite clear yet. SAR had some rumors that it will feature 46 MP and an ISO range of 100-25,600 ISO which would be quite handy for night shots. However, it seems that it will still not be possible to record 4K internally.

I would prefer less MP but the possibilities to record 4K internally as I don’t want to carry more gear with me (beside the additional costs). It would be better if Sony could build the camera in a slightly bigger camera body if heat generation in the small camera body seems to be an issue. Also I would prefer more dynamic range rather than MP. I am excited to see if the new sensor will be a Bayer Sensor or a new Multilayer Sensor …