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If you are a GoPro camera user you have probably looked for a case to store your GoPro camera and additional gear such as spare batteries, remote control, cables, SD-cards, etc. when you go on an outdoor trip. Thule has provided us the Legend GoPro Case* for free which we have used this year during our trips and here is a short review about it.

Thule Legend GoPro

I have used the Thule Legend GoPro Case this year mainly for hiking and packrafting e.g. in Poland, Finland or in Sweden. Below you can see the Legend GoPro Case attached to my HMG Porter backpack.

The zippers itself are not waterproof but since most of my GoPro gear is already waterproof there is no need to have waterproof zippers. From my point of view the Legend GoPro Case is mainly about storing your GoPro gear at a safe place during your activities and also have your gear organised.

Ultralight folks might question the need of an additional case but first of all the case is not that heavy (240 grams) and having your gear organised at one place can safe some time as well especially if you want to access your camera fast to capture a certain moment. Usually, I attach the Legend GoPro Case with it’s handle on my backpack so I can access it easily without rummaging in my backpack.

What I really liked on the Legend GoPro Case is that it has oversized zipper-pulls which helps quite a lot to open the case if you are wearing gloves e.g. while packrafting or during winter activities. The faster you are able to access your camera the more often you are going to use it. This also applies to the zippers.

While packrafting, I also stored my iPhone 4S in the Thule Legend GoPro Case as I was not able to store it in my PFD. On the picture you can also see my USB battery which I use to charge my electronic devices during a trip. However, the battery does not fit into the case. However, there are smaller batteries on the market which you might be able to cram in depending how many items you already have in your case.

There are also 2 internal lid pockets which can be closed with zippers. Usually, I store my SD-cards and cables in those pockets.

In general, the case is not that small. Removing some parts of the foam which separates the different compartments could help to create an even smaller case. However, I am not sure if this would have an impact on the durability of the foam especially if you pull your camera and accessories frequently out of the case.

Another good feature of the Legend GoPro Case is that you can easily clean the foam after or during your trip as the foam can easily be removed from the case. Personally, I prefer to carry a little bit more and having a more durable product.


The Thule Legend GoPro Case* is a nice addition to your GoPro Camera especially if you have plenty of GoPro equipment. Even so, the case is made to protect your camera, I rather use it to keep my camera gear organized and in one place.

The case also protects the housing of the camera in getting scratches while transporting the camera in your backpack. There is also the Thule Legend GoPro Advanced Case if you need to carry two GoPro cameras with you.

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