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The Thule AllTrail and Stir at the OutDoor Show 2017 in Friedrichshafen.

Konstantin: Hi, Patrick. Could you present something about the new products that are coming in the next year?

Patrick: Yeah sure. We’ve got the new AllTrail coming out for 2018. So we have two different sizes. It’s 35 and 45 liters in men’s and women’s. The 35 liters is very interesting, we have in both sizes a contact flap that you can easily adjust through the Velcro, and you can pull up and pull down. It’s aimed at the normal hiker, somebody who wants to go climbing as well, because it’s really, really a tight fit.

Here you’ve got a very nice opening. So you just open zip and you can open up here and you’ve got your bags here. So if you don’t like to open it completely you can just open the side and get into the main compartment. Like with all Thule products we are using a hundred percent nylon. It’s nylon 6.6 in a soft finish.

The other product that I want to show you is the AllTrail 45 liters. The AllTrail 45 liters is also like the 35 version. You have a contact, but the interesting thing is we have a lid, a traditional lid, you can open it. You’ve got a lid compartment, you’ve got a side zip. So for example for a rain jacket or if you want to put a tarp in it. You can open it put all that stuff in it. Here’s a really nice idea you can put a pillow in it.

Konstantin: I really like the way that it’s actually opening completely, so there’s a lot more accessibility to the deeper parts.

Patrick: Yeah, especially when you’ve got a big tarp or a rain cover, you stuff it in the bottom. So if you don’t like this version, then you can just open it completely on the sides and open until the bottom and you can grab completely through, and we have different blend with Versant or with Guidepost. We have pockets for the water bottles on the side so they don’t fall out when you’re climbing.

Konstantin: You also mentioned something about the …

Patrick: Oh, the straps.

Patrick: The thing is often enough you have very, very hard straps and two versions with a mesh or with a really, really thin one. We’ve decided we want to have a strap that’s really thin because it fits like a jacket so when you put it on it’s really comfortable it’s very close to your back there’s not so much movement. On the other hand, we have it’s a very, very good density a multi-density foam. So it’s shock absorbent, it’s very comfortable to wear.

Konstantin: These products come in several colors?

Patrick: Yes, exactly. We have two different sizes as I said. It comes in a 35 or 45 liters. We have two colors for the women. One color is this black it’s called Obsidian with the green. The other color for the women is the purple. For the men, we have the black with orange, so an orange-red color, green and blue.

Konstantin: So it’s the same double color is a single color.

Patrick: Absolutely, you can get all bags in all colors.

Konstantin: Besides that, you said you also have another backpack.

Patrick: Yes, we have a new backpack, it’s called Stir.

So the new backpack we have in the Stir Line. Stir has been around for about two years. So we’ve always had a 35 liters, a 15 and a 20. A lot of people either love or hate this kind of opening. It’s a fast opening so you just open it and pull it to get the stuff in and out. But of course, we have customers who just don’t like this version because it’s always a little bit open.

So what we’ve decided to do is have two new versions. One version is 18 liters, it’s going to completely zip so I can open it completely. For example, when I’ve got items in the bottom I can open the top completely and then grab in.

Then we have the 28 liters with a zip in just like the AllTrail 35. I can just open the lid if I want or I can pull it down completely. Also, here just like with the regular Stirrers we have but it’s the density foam that’s more hollow so it’s more breathable and the whole hippo construction is removable as well. So for example when you have a climbing harness you can take them off so they aren’t in the way. Or when you’re in the city and don’t want to look so outdoorsy you just take them and put them in the side pocket.

Konstantin: The interesting thing is it’s not one continuous anymore but it’s two separate ones.

Patrick: It’s two separate ones because we say with a smaller pack you don’t carry so much weight and we can have a very light-weight pack like this. The interesting thing is the 28 liters weighs 800 grams so it’s ultra light-weight. The 35 liters is 1 Kilo and the 18 liters is about 450 grams so it’s really, really light packing and has a special style.

Maybe you’ve noticed the material is very, very soft touch but feels a bit waterproof. What we use here is Thermofix on the nylon. So you take normal nylon coating and you pressurize it and heat it up so gets this. We have two really good things that you do with it. One thing is it’s much more abrasion resistant and on the side, it’s much more waterproof.