Torronsuo National Park differs somewhat from the other National Parks in Southern Finland. Why? Well, it’s a bog – the largest raised bog in Southern Finland. It’s an area with vast open space and a few trees while the other National Parks in Finland are forests. In old times most of Southern Finland looked like the area in Torronsuo National Park. However, people dried the bogs and to turn them into farm or forest land. It has also something to offer for bird watchers who are interested to see cranes and geese.

Torronsuo National Park

Another difference is that I had to walk on duckboard trails. The trails are between 1.5 and 10 km long. It is also possible to come here during winter to ski.

For photographers, Torronsuo National Park is a great place. With a long telezoom lens – like my Sony 100-400mm – I can get fantastic pictures in such an environment where I can compress the background. There is also an observation tower from where I could get a few nice shots from the area.
I have also visited the park early in the morning at around 6.30 am and could get a few pictures with rising fog. I prefer to take pictures if there are clouds or fog as it adds more drama to the picture than having a blue sky.

Just next to the observation tower is also a new serviced fireplace. The fireplace and two tables with benches are under a roof so you stay dry even if the weather is bad.

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