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Recently, I received a new cooking set from Trangia which I am planning to use together with my Bushcraft Essentials Bushbox LF Titanium hobo stove (more about it below) but also on campsites with fireplaces or with a gas burner.

Trangia DUOSSAL 2.0

After doing some research on the Trangia website, I decided to opt for the Duossal 2.0 models since I was looking for a solution which is scratch resistant and can also handle high temperatures.

The Duossal 2.0 models are made outside of aluminium which provides and thermal conductivity and inside of stainless steel which makes them scratch resistant when cleaning them. Trangia advises using paper or moss for cleaning or heat up some water in the used saucepans/frying pans.

I also like that they are not heavy since the thickness of the material is very thin – a total of 0.8mm – consisting of 0.5mm aluminium and 0.3mm stainless steel.

Trangia Kit

My Trangia kit includes the following items:

I got the idea to cook on a hobo stove when visiting the OutDoor Show in Friedrichshafen, where we talked with Bushcraft Essentials about their outdoor stoves. Here is the video:

I found the hobo stoves quite interesting as they gives me the possibility to create a small fire if there is no fireplace nearby. They produce quite a lot of heat on a small spot.

Of course, cooking on a hobo stove requires a bit of preparation e.g. I have to find wood and it takes a bit longer than cooking with gas. However, real fire just gives me a nicer atmosphere and also some heat to warm myself when it’s cold.

Firestarter Kit

And here are some items which I use to start a fire:

Primus PowerLighter

If you are not able to lit a fire with matches or with the Swedish FireSteel then the Primus PowerLighter is a safe option from my point of view. It can also be refilled with gas from your gas canister by using the Primus Filling Adaptor.

Gas burner

Currently, I have only the spirit burner for my Trangia set but I am also planning to get a gas or multi-fuel burner in the future as I might also travel to places where I am not able to find fire wood or if I need to cook very fast.

Trangia Duossal 2.0 campfire

Preparing meals

In the past, I have always bought ready made meals from the camping store but I got tired of the taste and a trip is just much more fun if I have tasty food with me.

So, I decided to get a new dehydrator, which I will use to prepare meals in advance before heading out for a trip.

Once the food is dehydrated, I will store it in small minigrip bags. I am also thinking of getting a small vacuum sealer in the future which would keep the dehydrated food even longer fresh and dry than minigrip bags.

Follow our blog to see how we will use the Trangia on camp fire, gas burner and on a hobo stove.