By Konstantin Gridnevskiy

Last year we spent four days trekking in the Northern Alps of Japan – one of the most beautiful natural settings in Japan – which was a really special way to start our holidays.

Trekking and Packrafting in Japan Northern Alps

An unusual take of an iconic view

Do you recognise where we were? It is one of the three most iconic views in Japan.

Trekking and Packrafting in Japan Northern Alps

Crossing one of a dozen of bridges on the Odai-Ga-Hara trail

Extremely beautiful, this trail is not for people who are afraid of heights. Closed due to a landslide for almost 10 years, it was reopened in 2014 giving us an opportunity to be done of the ‘first’ foreign hikers there when we walked it last summer.

Sunset in Japan Northern Alps

The setting sun is beautiful (and romantic) anywhere. It can make even a total dumpster look special. However in the mountains, which are great on their own, the real magic happens. Where was your favourite subset ever? Do you remember?


I am really really really fascinated with bamboo. Before I went to Japan, One of my dreams was to walk through a bamboo forest. And you know what? I haven’t done it yet. This picture was taken in one of the three most beautiful/famous gardens in Japan – Koraku-en in Okayama. We went there with @gumngum and his two lovely sons. It was a very beautiful place indeed. But I still haven’t been to a bamboo forest. Maybe this year.

Packrafting in Japan

An important part of packrafting is scouting. Especially if the river has been changed out of all recognition by the torrential rains during a typhoon. Here @gumngum, @chang_narug and I are looking if it is possible to run the #shimanto river. And the answer to it – yes it was.

It was like walking above the clouds.

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