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Last weekend we got plenty of snow in Turku and I seized the opportunity to rush out with my camera to take some pictures. First I went to the city centre but then decided to drive to Ruissalo which is also a cool place during the summer time. 

Turku Winter Wonderland at the Archipelago Sea

From Ruissalso you can also see those big ferries which are cruising between Turku, Mariehamn and Stockholm. Personally, I like Southwestern Finland best so far. Turku has a special charm compared to Helsinki. It’s not too big and offers lots of cultural activities and touristic attractions. Turku is also a great town for families (I have lived 3 years in Helsinki, 2 years in Vaasa and since 2 years in Turku).

Winter travel Ruissalo, Turku

The Archipelago Sea is something really unique and during the summer time it’s just awesome to paddle there and explore the islands. Here you can also read about my Archipelago Paddling experience during 4 seasons or my visit to Kökar. Naantali is also a picturesque small town at the sea which I can recommend as well. 

Visiting Turku in Winter, Finland

Another advantage of living in Turku is that the living costs are lower compared to Helsinki and that it’s closer to Stockholm. There is also a lot of history in Turku – which was once the capital of Finland until Finland became a Grand Duchy of the Russian Empire where the tsar decided to move the capital to Helsinki which is closer to St. Petersburg.

Turku, Finland

I still have to discover the Teijo National Park and the light towers in this area which will probably happen next summer. There is also the Kurjenrahka National Park nearby Turku which I can recommend.

Winter Wonderland Turku in Finland - Ship Ice sea

Beside the Archipelago Sea I can also recommend a visit to the Urho Kekkonen National Park in Finnish Lapland.