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The Lake of Constance area is a great place if you are looking for multiple activities in your vacation. The Lake of Constance is located between Germany, Switzerland and Austria and gives you the possibility to visit 3 countries in 1 day with a bicycle. Beside cycling you can also go to the Alps hiking or skiing or enjoy a great view from the Württembergischen Allgäu towards the Alps. From here you are able to see the Alps from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and France.

panorama bodensee pfänder visiting lake constance bodensee

Swiss Alps were close to my fingertips.

Eichenberg Austria

Eichenberg in Austria – From here I had an awesome view towards the lake constance. You can park your car and ascent the Pfänder – a mountain in Vorarlberg/Austria.

Fronleichnam Meersburg stadtzentrum

Fronleichnam (corpus christi) in Meersburg.

visiting Meersburg

Meersburg Tourist


growing wine in Meersburg Bodensee

Wine is produced in Meersburg.

Zeppelin Bodensee

A Zeppelin built in Friedrichshafen – the city where the Zeppelin has been invented.

Meersburg ferry

By ferry, you can hop over to Konstanz.

Meersburg city center

Meersburg is the oldest inhabited castle in Germany. The castle was built in 630 by the Merovingian king Dagobert I. Also Anette Droste von Hulshoff – a German poet – lived here.

Meersburg castle

Meersburg castle

Meersburg city center old town

German stud work house in Meersburg

Meersburg old town city center


Alps Panorama Bodensee

From Bodnegg in Germany, you have a great view towards the Austrian and Swiss Alps

Bodnegg Church WWII monument

WW II monument in Bodnegg

Bodnegg Church

Church in Bodnegg

Mehlsack Ravensburg

View towards the Schussental and the Mehlsack tower in Ravensburg, Germany

Mehlsack Ravensburg

Mehlsack tower in Ravensburg

Rathaus Ravensburg town hall

Rathaus (town hall) in Ravensburg

Ravensburg Marienplatz city center

Ravensburg city center (Marienplatz)

Lake Constance

Ravensburg Blaserturm

Blaserturm in Ravensburg