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Wildo shows us the Fold-A-Cup at the OutDoor Show 2017 in Friedrichshafen.

Konstantin: Hi, this is Konstantin from Hike Ventures, and I’ve got Amelia from Wildo. Amelia, would you say something about the new products that you’ve got?

Amelia: Yes. So, we have this brand new one full of cream, which is our most famous product, that we’ve had for 30 years. But now it is 50% bio-based material. The material is made from sugar canes, and it’s much more sustainable, better for the future with the nature.
Just fold it up like this, you have a cup. And when you’re ready, you just shake it out, put it together and then you can put it back in your pocket, and it won’t drip.

Konstantin: So, technically, it’s almost like portable?

Amelia: Yes.

Konstantin: And it is now also more sustainable?

Amelia: Precisely.

Konstantin: So, pull that, do whatever you want to do, shake, and fold it back.

Amelia: And then back to your pocket.

Konstantin: You?

Amelia: Yes. We also have our camp-a-box complete, which is our most complete that we have.
Put the lid, which is a plate at the moment … This is the cutting board, which also works as a strainer. And the bottom, which also works as a plate and a bowl. You can also stand up, like if you’re on a mountain, you can just stand like this and have it one hand.

Konstantin: What is, this plate, the grip …

Amelia: Yes. A normal fold-a-cup.

Konstantin: And they excel.

Amelia: Yes.

Konstantin: So, one for tea, soup …

Amelia: Precisely.

Konstantin: Or eat whatever.

Amelia: Yes. Spiced chicken, which contains three different spices. So your food can taste good also outdoors.

Konstantin: Lovely.

Amelia: And then you have the spork, which also works in all the quarters in the box. Take it, put it together, for minimum space consumption. And it won’t.

Konstantin: And it really holds very well.

Amelia: It does.