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With my packraft I used to paddle a lot in rivers and lakes. I was paddling sometimes for hours and at some point, I was thinking that it would be really cool to have a sail or some sort of engine on your packraft. Here comes a short review of the WindPaddle Sail.

WindPaddle Sails for Packrafting Review

Recently, I contacted Packrafting-Store.de and was told that they are going to sell soon WindPaddle Sails for Packrafts (small and big models) as the original sails are made for kayaks and canoes (bigger size).

They are part of their Anfibio product range. So I ordered the big model which weighs around 400 grams and got it delivered today. Packed it has a diameter of 40 cm while unfold its diameter is 120 cm.

The first thing you have to learn before you go Packrafting with a sail is to fold and unfold your Windpaddle sail. I have made a short video where you can see how it works. Actually, it’s quite straightforward (even so I am not a folding pro yet).

WindPaddle Sails for Packrafting Review

I also use my Werner Shuna Paddles to steer the packraft when using the WindPaddle sail.


The sail works well for wind speeds starting from 5m/s. Otherwise, it just feels too slow. Having a sail on the Packraft is lots of fun. Here is another blog post where you can see the WindPaddle sail in action.

Below you can see a video how I use the WindPaddle sail with a packraft.

YouTube video