Today we had a great sunny day in South-Western Finland with temperatures around -4C so I decided to drive with Caj and Katja outside of Turku to hike to the Hönkasaari Laavu. At the end of this blog post you can find our campfire talk audio file.

Hönkasaari Laavu

Once we arrived at the Laavu in Hönkasaari we prepared some firewood. The Laavu was well maintained. We had pads with us so we could have sat there for hours without getting cold.

Katja had prepared a nice cabbage soup and once we arrived at the Laavu and Caj had one of his new “historical” axes with him and it was like a breeze to get our firewood into small pieces.

I had my audio gear with me and recorded us where we are talking about outdoor stuff and preparing firewood.