Last weekend I went with Joni from Leftbound to Nuuksio National Park in Finland to do some serious December winter camping. Serious…? Well, we had around -5C during the night so it was not that bad. Moreover, I especially, like those shorter trips as I can take much more gear with me and also fresh food which I could not take on longer trips.

Winter Camping in Nuuksio National Park

What I like in Nuuksio are those small hills and rocks and its easily accessible from Helsinki. There is another National Park nearby Helsinki called Sipoonkorpi which I also visit frequently. However, there is one downside on those two National Parks – they can be quite crowded during the weekends and if you prefer to have less people around you then you should visit those National Parks during the week.

We also had our Nalgene water bottles with us and the water froze over night in them. I also had my 0.6l Trangia kettle and my Helinox Chair Zero with me which I received both free of charge from Helinox and Trangia. I was just asked to post a few pictures on my blog.

I really like my small kettle and the chair is also quite comfortable. I wouldn’t probably take it on a longer trip but for those weekends out in the woods it’s quite nice to have a little bit more comfort.

During the evening, a friend passed by. We had no plans to meet but sometimes the world seems to be quite small so he just joined us and we heated up some Glöggi which he had with him.

The night was quite cold and Jonni forgot his tent. I decided to remove the inner tent of my Hilleberg Unna and we both were able to fit under the outer tent. It was also easy to get in and out of the tent as you just had to lift it up since we didn’t pitch the tent to the ground.

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