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I use an insulated lightweight Thermos Bottle to carry some warm tea or coffee with me which I can enjoy during my breaks while I go for hiking, backpacking, snowshoeing or snowshoeing. Usually, I take a Thermos Bottle with me if my trips are rather short so there is no need for me to take a camping stove and a gas canister with me which also saves some weight. This week we went to Finnish Lapland with our Thermos bottle which we received for testing purposes. In general we were quite happy to have warm tea with us spending the whole day outside with temperatures on average around -10 C and cold wind during the day.

With the Thermos bottle over the arctic circle

On our second day in Lapland we used the Thermos bottle while cross-country skiing.

On the third day we went snowshoeing.

Where we had a break in a Tipi which we found on our trip.

Drinking a cup of tea from a Thermos bottle in Finnish Lapland Winter

On the fourth day we went snowshoeing on the top of the the Fells where we enjoyed a warm cup of tea which helped to warm up our body temperature in the cold Fell winds.

Arc'teryx Tecto FL Jacket- Tubbs XPlore Snowshoes - Arc'teryx Kappa Pants - Thermos Bottle close to the Arctic Circle in Finland