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What is HikeVentures?

HikeVentures is a blog about photography and every day and off-the-beaten-track adventures also highlighting the cultural aspects of a destination. My name is Patrick, and I was born in Southern Germany and live for over 10 years in Finland. I have visited over 30 countries and I have studied Tourism Management, Marketing, and Governance of Digitalisation where I wrote a Master Thesis about “The Smart Tourist – in a smart destination context”.

I am interested in travel and landscape photography and most of my content is created with a Sony a7 III camera and professional GM lenses. I create content in German and in English.

Hanko Beach Changing Room

It was a fantastic experience to work with Hike Ventures team! They were open and flexible and keen to experience what the Niseko region has to offer and maximize the adventure in Hokkaido. The materials they had created help us to showcase different activities and beautiful scenery Niseko has to offer.

The co-operation with HikeVentures to test and tell about the Finnish Coastal Route bicycle route worked very smoothly. HikeVentures delivered all that had been agreed upon and much more – we received both great marketing photos for the destinations along the route and well written blog texts in English and German.

What I can offer ...

Blog posts in English and German

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Trip reports, Gear Testing and Interviews


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Sailing Espoo Finland


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