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What is HikeVentures? is a blog that covers mainly adventures travel and outdoor activities but also highlight cultural aspects of a destination. Moreover, we use our trips to test and review gear.

We believe that travel and the outdoors are a lot of fun and are not only for professionals. Almost everyone can enjoy it, especially if you know how. That is why we want to inspire people and bring those with similar interests together.

We also believe that often we cannot and should not separate nature from culture either – a visit to a destination should be a wholesome experience. And just like the nature, the culture of each destination is unique and it is waiting for us, the visitors, to discover it.

It was a fantastic experience to work with Hike Ventures team! They were open and flexible and keen to experience what the Niseko region has to offer and maximize the adventure in Hokkaido. The materials they had created help us to showcase different activities and beautiful scenery Niseko has to offer.

What can we mean for you?

Our policy is to be honest and write what we really think: if we like something – we say it. If there is something that can be better – we say it too. And this unbiased opinion is one of the benefits of working with us.

Besides articles, we also take pictures and make videos, which are published on our blog and social media channels. If you are interested, we can provide them to you as well.

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We are ready to go on Assignments

  • Regular posts on our blog & social media channels
  • Live videos on Instagram
  • Trip reports and interviews (up to two weeks)
  • Videos (up to three weeks)
  • Gear testing (from one week to long-term tests up to a year)
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Fun facts

  • We are both married. Patrick’s wife is Finnish and Konstantin’s wife is Polish.
  • We both speak English to our wives even though, we can also speak Dutch, Finnish, German, Polish, Russian, Spanish and Schwäbisch (which is different from regular German).
  • If put together, we have already visited 47 countries and we have studied Linguistics, ICT, Marketing, Tourism and Service Management in five of them.
  • Finally, Patrick is vegetarian and Konstantin enjoys meat, we both love tea.
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