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YI Technology has recently announced the YI 4K+ and I am quite excited to see that there are more GoPro alternatives available.

What makes the YI 4K+ impressive (and sets it apart from the GoPro Hero5) is that it can record 4K with 60FPS. Moreover, the YI 4K+ can also record with a higher resolution than the GoPro Hero5.

Comparison and differences - YI 4K+ or GoPro Hero5

One disadvantage I would see with the YI is that it needs a housing to be waterproof and this might also affect the audio quality.

The GoPro Hero5 also features a built in GPS which might be a useful feature too.

Apart from that the YI should be especially interesting to those who are planning to do live streaming with their camera, which is probably related to the better chipset which has been built in.

The only issue I would probably have with life streaming is that you can not record the video at the same time.

Personally, I was interested in getting a GoPro Hero5 Session since I liked the small form factor.

However, the new features on the YI 4K+ are quite interesting and I could probably also live with a bigger action camera. What I like on the YI 4K+ is that it is able to record with 60 frames per second and offers the possibility to do life streaming. You can read more about the YI 4K+ here.