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Today I had a chance to test the Zeiss Batis 25 mm f/2 in Finland and here are some thoughts why I really like this lens and why I would recommend it especially for those who are into outdoor or nature photography and looking for a wide-angle lens. This is not a scientific report but just my initial thoughts after testing the Zeiss Batis 25mm in Finland. (UPDATE: You can find more pictures from my Sony A7 / Batis 25 mm from my recent trips to Finnish Lapland and Northern Norway).


This lens is super sharp.


Even so it a wide-angle lens you can create a nice bokeh with its f/2.


With less than 400 grams this lens is also quite light.


The lens looks a bit bulky compared to the Loxia lenses but it lies nicely in your hand when you take pictures.

Weather resistant

The Zeiss Batis 25mm is weather resistant which makes it a great lens for outdoor adventures.

OLED screen

The OLED screen comes in quite handy when you are into manual focusing. It shows you the distance where the object is sharp and where other objects start to blur before and behind it. The OLED screen is off when your camera is set on autofocus.

Focus ring

The focus ring is a simple rubber band that collects dust. It’s not really an issue for me. Focusing is nice and smooth.


The autofocus is quite fast on a Sony A7 but it’s probably a bit difficult to get a sharp image of a very fast-moving object. However, I would say that this is more a limitation of the camera than the lens.

What I don’t like on this lens is that it is quite expensive but on the other hand you get great quality. The body of the Batis lens is made of plastics. Zeiss told me that it’s very durable with the objective to keep the weight of the Batis 25mm low.

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