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The PocketMonkey was conceived in the urban jungle of Boston. After its creator locked himself out of his domicile one too many times, he realized something had to be done. “Remember my keys next time” sprung into his head, but this was simple…too simple.


Being a mechanical engineer he set forth designing a tool that would grant him entrance into his house next time he was faced with accidental homelessness. The resulting product was a thin piece of metal that could be used to pull the door latch open from the outside when wedged between the door and frame. After marveling at his creation, he realized more could be added to this to make it even more functional.
Next up was a bottle opener, obviously. But Nate didn’t stop there, he added a phone kickstand, six different sized hex wrenches and an orange peeler despite subscribing to the “bite and tear” methodology practiced by millions.
But why stop there? There was still space on this thin metal plate that had been shaped to the size of a credit card to easily fit in his wallet.


Now flat heads! Now Phillips! Now micro additions!
On rulers! On openers! On tools in all positions!
After this feature adding fury, Nate held in his hands the very first PocketMonkey. Coming in at the size of a credit card and weighing half an ounce, it might have been the thinnest, lightest multi-tool on the planet. But he wasn’t in it for awards.


A successful Kickstarter campaign blew the original funding goal out of the water. The elation from a very successful campaign was quickly followed by the “oh shit” of having to singlehandedly produce PocketMonkeys for all of these funders. Long story short, he hired his sister to help with the fullfillment and worked his day job to support her.

Since its creation with 12 “official” functions, countless (at least 20) others have been found by our customers and ourselves. Everyone uses the PocketMonkey for different things, even if it is “bottle opener” 70% of the time.

We had one user on a hiking trip turn his PocketMonkey into a rope-cincher. This can be used to tighten down a rain flap or secure cargo.

Among other uses, Gadget Girl Reviews used it for plucking and de-pitting plums. It can also be used for deadheading flowers or general garden maintenance.

When the snow finally recedes enough to enjoy the golf course, I love heading out the links and soak in some sunshine. This is an area where the PocketMonkey can really shine. The three most used functions for the golf course are picking out the dent on the off chance that I land on the green from my approach shot, picking the wet grass out of my spikes at the end of the day and the bottle opener. Because I’ll be honest, my golf game improves after a refreshing beer or two, meaning I might only shank five balls into the woods now.

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